Introducing The Empower Network Viral Blogging Academy Product

Introducing The Empower Network Viral Blogging Academy Product

Welcome back to my latest video which will not only introduce to you our new Viral Blogging Academy product it’s a complete review which will also tell you everything you need to know about it…

…plus the difference going through it and leveraging what I have discovered has already made in my business too!

I actually got inspired to record this video because firstly I knew I hadn’t really talked about it much and secondly after I had one of my subscribers email me a few days ago to tell me he shared one of my emails with one of my blog post with his friends!

Implementing the tips and advice in this product has well and truly increased the engagement of my subscribers and so much more as shared on the video.

And if it can do that for me, it can do that for you no matter what business you may be building online too. :-)

Team Video Swipe:-

If you are already with us and you want to leverage my video all about the Viral Blogging Academy for your blog this is the youtube url to use:-

(Remember you can use any of my videos on my channel on your blog as YOUR success is my success after all too. Win/Win)

The Empower Network released the Viral Blogging Academy product (VBA) during the Regional Events in October 2012 as part of the Blog Beast launch of our Viral Blogging Platform…

…and I brought mine while I was in Orlando, Florida while at the Pool Bar. <laughing>

When the Viral Blogging Academy (VBA) was first released it was NOT commissionable however now it is plus at the moment…

…it comes with three months of free media hosting!

It’s a one time $297 USD and if you are an affiliate and own the VBA you can then qualified to make $200 per sale.

As you may already know with the Empower Network we don’t only have one product you can earn on, we now have 6 products in the Empower Network product line.

Once you OWN all the products not only will you have access to all the education you could ever want or need to develop the skill set and the mindset required to create whatever level of income you want with your Empower Network business or any online business…

…if you are an affiliate in most cases you will also qualify to receive 100% COMMISSIONS on the products that you own too.

The 6 EN products are:

* Viral Blogging System:-  Is $25 per month and you can earn $25 per month per customer in passive residual income.

* Inner-Circle Training:- Is $100 per month and you can earn $100 per month per customer in passive residual income.

Sometimes people considering joining me wonder if people will really pay $25 per month and $100 per month for these two products?. 

If that’s you to show you what’s possible as of right now (from March 30th, 2012 to the 18th of December, 2013) this is what I’ve earned just from these two products alone:-

(Again this to only show you what is possible. Your results will depend on you soplease click here to see what average people here in EN earn however if you are still with me it’s likely you are not average. Lol)

Now we all know how wise it is to make sure you build a business that allows you to create passive, recurring monthly income as that is your FREEDOM money…

…the money that comes in every month whether you do anything or not!

However the recurring monthly products must have VALUE and must be the kind of products people want to use every single day otherwise they simply will NOT pay every month to use them.

We have that here with EN in SPADES!

Best of all as an affiliate just ONE customer for each covers what you pay each month for these two as well!

If you are numbers person then this is for you.

I’ve earned a total of $161,900.00 from these two products alone since I first got started with the Empower Network back on March 30th, 2012 around 18/19 months ago.

Now of course I’ve paid over that time (let’s go with a full 19 months) $425 for my Viral Blogging System and $1,900 for my Inner Circle so a total of $2,375.00…

This is the BEST and most LUCRATIVE $2,375 I’ve EVER invested as that’s aWHOPPING $159,525.00 EXTRA I’ve earned taking away what I’ve paid for these two products over the past 19 months which also…

currently averages out to an extra $8,396.00 for every single month in earnings just from these TWO products alone!

If you get it.

If you see it.

Get in here.

I wanted to share the numbers with you because I want you to see what is POSSIBLE FOR YOU with time if you are willing to treat your business like a business as building a 6 figure passive residual income like I have does NOT have to be a 3-5 Year Plan anymore thanks to Empower.

Frankly, what you can earn just on our first two products with time can be unlimited however it doesn’t end there as you also have the opportunity to earn one time LIFE STYLE money NOW too.

The one time LIFE STYLE money is there to help you pay the bills now while your grow your residual, monthly income with us.

So the current Empower Network Product line you can as an affiliate and if you own it yourself earn lovely one time life style commissions are:-

* Costa Rica Intensive:- Is $500 one-time and you can earn one time $500 per sale.

* 15K Formula:-  Is $1,000 one-time and you can earn one time $1,000 per sale.

* Masters Course:-  Is $3,500 one-time and you can earn one time $3,000 per sale.

* Viral Blogging Academy:-  
Is $297 one-time and you can earn one time $200 per sale)

Yes as an affiliate once you own the product YOU EARN in most cases 100% commissions!

As a multiple 6-figure income earner with the Empower Network and now one of the Top 50 Empower Network affiliates I can tell you from personal experience…

that the MAJORITY of the income (THE BIG MONEY) comes from being qualified to earn, use and learn from ALL the products.

Best of all because we are paid usually 100% and extremely generous commissions on the Masters Course and now the new VBA you don’t need to make a massive amount of sales to get your return on investment.

Just ONE sale in most cases will get you your return on investment and only two sales with the Masters and Viral Blogging academy will put you WAY IN PROFIT.<laughing>

To fully understand how to make money here in the Empower Network watch this video by David Wood:-

Yes, our Empower Network MULTIPLE Compensation Plan was created to suit just about everyone.

From someone who just wants to make some extra pocket money right up to the individual who wants to create a 6 Figure and even 7 Figure Income and beyond!

Best of all when Empower releases more NEW products as has been the case since the time David recorded the above video explaining how you can make money with the Empower Network…

….you will be able to mainly earn 100% commissions on those in the future as well.

Having had to work my tail off to make highly stressful LOW COMMISSIONS in the past…

…here’s what IS really POWERFUL about what we can offer people who are serious about making money online.

Since Empower Network affiliates are paid mainly 100% commissions like the Guru’s…

…being an EN affiliate (it’s only $19.95 per month to activate your affiliate status) is literally like OWNING your own direct response educational company WITHOUT any of the product creation headaches or the high costs involved with starting, running and maintaining a company with over 160,000 paid members!

Is that the penny dropping I hear?

When it does you will have trouble getting to sleep at night and will be up with the birds each morning like me. <laughing>

So if you are already part of my team or our community and didn’t see the VBA go and log into your back office and get it NOW…

…and if you don’t already own all the products make it an intent to do so as soon as you can.

Once you own the Viral Blogging Academy start going through it and using it to help you get the most out of our new Viral Blogging Platform and have your blog posts POP…

…and so YOU can start making those $200 per sale commissions too.

It does NOT get any better than this…

..and it’s about to get even BETTER as shortly a brand NEW Empower Network Sales Funnel video which David Wood himself said is far SUPERIOR to anything he has created as well.

Plus Prosperity Team wise iPAS2 is coming in the New Year (don’t say I told you) and having a chance as part of the Leadership Council to get a sneak peak at it, it is going to BLOW YOU AWAY!

If you haven’t joined us yet click here to watch our Empower Network Overview Video (this baby has made me a fortune so I shudder to think what the new one coming is going to do for everyone including YOU)…

and then to get all the extras we offer as a team Click Here To Join Me

2013 has been an INCREDIBLE year however I have a feeling 2014 is going to be SPECTACULAR.

Merry Christmas,
~ Cristina Munoz
empower network in melbourne
“AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur”
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P.S. By the way if you wish to buy the Viral Blogging Academy as a customer all you have to do is create a free account by clicking here.

Once you have created your account you don’t have to follow through and buy the $25 Viral Blogging Platform unless you want too.

Then to buy the Viral Blogging Acacemy or any of our products as a customer only just log into your EN backoffice and click the Buy Button for the relevant product you want in your back office.

Too easy. :-)

P.S.S: Please feel free Live and share your comments about the value you have gained from the Viral Blogging Academy too. :-)

Obviously, the income examples shown are extraordinary.

The income claims presented are not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Instead, they’re designed to give you an idea of what’s possible. Success in this business – as with anything, requires leadership, hard work and dedication.

Since we want to help you make an informed decision, we’ve gone above and beyond with our income disclosure document. You can see our full income disclosure document by Clicking Here.


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