Funny Social Media Platform Image Explanation

Funny Social Media Platform Image Explanation

Cristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and I’m still laughing.

If you are looking for funny social media images or a funny social media platform explanations this way to explain the social media platforms was absolutely hilarious
to me however it does have a serious side as well.

This is because it also breaks down what each social media platform is about in a very simple way.

As you will see it’s easy to understand and makes total sense as to what each social media platform provides VALUE on.

It’s all about value after all. :-)

You can use this as a fun, cool resource to help you understand these different platforms, and how you can use them to MAXIMIZE your online presence.

ESPECIALLY if you have your own online business like I do. :-)

Kind of makes you feel like eating a donut! <laughing>

For more cool marketing tips and about building an online business, go ahead and connect me with on these two main social platforms:-

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I look forward to connecting with you. :-)

Cristina Munoz
cristina munoz the laughing entrepreneur
“AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur”

Golden Globe Awards 2014: Robin Wright Is In The HOUSE Winning Best Actress For House Of Cards

Best Actress In A Drama Series Golden Globe Award Goes To Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) From House Of Cards:-

Cristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and yes indeed Robin Wright is in the HOUSE.

Robin Wright Golden Globe Awards 2014 winner is currently in her fabulous late 40′s.

Robin Wright won Best Actress for her compelling role as the wife of a corrupt US congressman Frank Underwood, also played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey, in the Netflix original series “House of Cards.”

Even though Robyn Wright has been acting for YEARS she has never won a Golden Globe before until now…

…and neither has NetFlix!

Her nomination for Best Actress for House Of Cards is her second nomination as she was previously nominated in 1995 for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her work in “Forrest Gump.”

I’ve been into Robin Wright ever since I saw her in The Princess Bride and I have to admit ONLY watched Santa Barbara for her back way back then in the early 90′s even 80′s as well. <laughing>

Just goes to show how never giving up and focusing on mastering your craft no matter what it may be can eventually pay off.

If you haven’t already, when you do start watching House Of Cards you are going to LOVE Claire Underwood as much as ‘sharks love blood’ too…

…hence I could not be more delighted for Robin Wright for picking up the Golden Globe 2014 for Best actress in a TV Drama.

House of Cards would have to be some of the best TV I have seen in a very long time and the only reason why I started watching it in the first place is I’ve had to rest my back a lot while I wait to go back into hospital later this month.

A friend recommended my partner and I watch “House Of Cards” and I have to admit I’ve become totally addicted and savouring each ‘chapter’ until Season 2 starts in February.

This year Robin Wright did face very worthy competition from other talented actresses in what proved to be a great year for leading ladies in various television dramas.

The other nominees included Julianna Margulies for “The Good Wife,” Tatiana Maslany for “Orphan Black,” Taylor Schilling for “Orange is the New Black” and Kerry Washington for “Scandal.”

“Orphan Black’ is another favourite TV Drama Series I watched in 2013 so I was over the moon that Titiana Maslany was nominated a well as it can’t of been easy to play so many different versions of her cloned self. <laughing>

But this is NOT about Titiana Maslany…(Cosima was my favourite!)

…this is ALL about Robin Wright who in her speech thanked the crew, Netflix and Kevin Spacey, calling her fabulous co-star “the best playdate ever.”

If you wanna know how to start the best blog ever to blog about what you enjoy watching and doing click here.

Cristina Munoz
cristina munoz the laughing entrepreneur


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How The House Of Cards Kevin Spacey Power Quote Holds The Key to Succeeding With The Empower Network And ANY Online Business

Video Reveals How The House Of Cards Kevin Spacey Power Quote Holds The Key To Succeeding With The Empower Network And ANY Online Business

(Plus How I Can Help YOU Have The Best, Most Transformational And Magical 2014!)

Cristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and welcome back to my latest video all about how the House Of Cards Kevin Spacey Power Quote truly holds the key to succeeding in ANY Online Business.

If you haven’t started an online business yet or considering doing do so click here to discover the system I use that has helped me go from ZERO to earning a multiple 6 figure income online and how I can help you succeed with the Empower Network too.

Very good timing as my 2014 Team Promotion applies to anyone in my personal Empower Network team whether I directly sponsored you or not throughout all of 2014. 

As long as you are in my personal team no matter how many levels down you can qualify for everything I shared on the above Team Promotion Video. :-)

As promised you can also use this video to post on YOUR Empower Network blog and here’s the direct Youtube Link for you:-

You can also swipe my copy on my Empower Network blog post by clicking here to use on your Empower Network blog post and just remember to replace my links with yours and just have the post as from being from you and me.

The blog you are on now is my original word press blog that I’ve had for many years and one of the main reasons I rank so quickly and highly on the first page of google all the time with it is because I leverage the POWERFUL authority of my Empower Network blog by back linking to it.

Just a quick tip if you happen to have a word press blog always as you can certainly still use it and do the same thing to have your posts have more google love too. :-)

NOW last year (2013) was one of the best, most transformational and magical years of my life thanks to the Empower Network…

…and it got me thinking about what I can do to personally help YOU (if you already are or when you are a valued member of my team) have the best, most transformational and magical year of your life too!

I’ve been thinking about how I can help you sign up more people into your business, faster, quicker and easier than ever before.

I’ve been thinking about how I can help you earn YOUR Millionaire Ring with the Empower Network faster, quicker and easier than ever before and much more too. :-)

Inspiration is a funny thing.

It really can come from anywhere and this time around it came from a TV Show called the House Of Cards starring Kevin Spacey who plays Francis Underwood.

Here’s the House Of Cards Kevin Spacey quote about power again for you:-

“Power is a lot like Real Estate it’s ALL about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value”

For a bit of fun here’s a House Of Cards Trailer which has the very scene I talked about on the video right in the beginning plus it gives you a taste of just how brilliant this TV Show is:-

Anyway when it comes to succeeding with your Empower Network business and really any business online, it’s ALL about CREDIBILITY…

….and gaining credibility is a lot like Real Estate too. It’s ALL about LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION as the closer you are to the source the higher your personal value!

I’m the Top Australian and LGBT Empower Network income earner and Leader. I’m also one of the Top 50 Empower Network affiliates.

So to help you leverage the credibility I have built and will continue to build so it can help increase YOUR personal value here’s a quick recap of what to do to qualify to have me join you on a hangout or live call.

( Obviously it goes without saying that you are committed to getting to the Empower Network Events as soon as you possibly can.)

Team Promotion Criteria:-

1. You need to be a member of my personal team.

You don’t need to be directly sponsored by me as long as you are a member of my personal team.  Click here to join my team now. Or click here to watch our Empower Network Overview video.

I’m part of the Prosperity Team so you will have a whole bunch of extra sales funnels you will be able to use like our iPAS system here and much more to help you too.

2. You need to have at least 500 subscribers on your lists or lists

This does not mean you need to have signed up 500 people into your team.

You just need to have had at least 500 subscribers on your list, people who have entered your sales funnels from your lead capture pages or blog and are on your lists.

This way when you invite your subscribers onto our hangout or live call we have together the whole point will be for me to edify you and share all the reasons why your subscribers should join YOU!

Remember within our Prosperity Team training site we teach you how to start building a list even if you have never used an autoresponder before and even give you the email follow ups to use, the video tutorials on how to do it and what to send to your list daily too.

Building your own list along with having your own blog are a MUST if you want to be successful with any online business and we have how to have both covered here with the Empower Network and our Prosperity Team too.

Plus once you sales funnels are ready to go the how to market is in your $15K Formula plus you can use our Done For You Traffic to reach this goal faster too.

3: You need to be committed and have the Empower Network as your one and only vehicle to achieve your dreams and help others achieve their dreams as well.

4. You need to be a Product of the Products and own ALL of Empower Networks CORE products. 

I own all our products and it’s why I’ve been able to achieve these results since I first joined back on the 30th of March, 2012:-

(Please see our income disclosure by clicking here)

There is NO WAY you can earn this sort of income unless you own all the products. If you own all the products as well then I will be able to edify you for doing so.

Your subscribers will see you as someone who is serious about their business, who truly understands their business as you own all the products of the company you represent thus are also someone who leads by example.

Your subscribers will see you as someone who is serious about their business, who truly understands their business as you own all the products of the company you represent thus are also someone who leads by example.

If you are not with our team yet, here at the Empower Network we don’t only have our $25 product you can earn on, we now have 7 products in the Empower Network core product line.

Once you OWN all the products not only will you have access to all the education you could ever want or need to develop the skill set and the mindset required to create whatever level of income you want with your Empower Network business or any online business…

…if you are an affiliate in most cases you will also qualify to receive 100% COMMISSIONS on the products that you own too.

The current 7 EN Core products are:

* Viral Blogging System:-  Is $25 per month and you can earn $25 per month per customer in passive residual income.

* Inner-Circle Training:- Is $100 per month and you can earn $100 per month per customer in passive residual income.

* Costa Rica Intensive:- Is $500 one-time and you can earn one time $500 per sale.

* 15K Formula:-  Is $1,000 one-time and you can earn one time $1,000 per sale.

* Masters Course:-  Is $3,500 one-time and you can earn one time $3,000 per sale.

* Viral Blogging Academy:-  Is $297 one-time and you can earn one time $200 per sale

* High Ticket Academy:- Brand NEW product released on the 9th of January atthe launch price of $197 however within 7 days it will increase to $497 and then it will be a one time $997.

You earn 100% commissions on this product.

If you missed it you can catch the webinar replay all about this red hot new product here.

To fully understand how to make money here in the Empower Network watch our Compensation Plan video by David Wood:-

Yes, our Empower Network MULTIPLE Compensation Plan was created to suit just about everyone.

From someone who just wants to make some extra pocket money right up to the individual who wants to create a 6 Figure and even 7 Figure Income and beyond!

Best of all when Empower releases more NEW products as has been the case since the time David recorded the above video explaining how you can make money with the Empower Network…

….you will be able to mainly earn 100% commissions on those in the future as well.

Having had to work my tail off to make highly stressful LOW COMMISSIONS in the past for the exact same time and effort as it’s true…

…it is just as easy to sell a $25 product as it is to sell a $3,500 one!

Now here’s what IS really POWERFUL about what we can offer people who are serious about making money online.

Since Empower Network affiliates are paid mainly 100% commissions like the Guru’s…

…being an EN affiliate (it’s only $19.95 per month to activate your affiliate status and you get your own e-wallet merchant account so you can be paid your commissions weekly straight into your bank account no matter where in the World you live) is literally like OWNING your own direct response educational company WITHOUT any of the product creation headaches or the high costs involved with starting, running and maintaining a company with over 160,000 paid members!

Is that the penny dropping I hear?

When it does you will have trouble getting to sleep at night and will be up with the birds each morning like me. <laughing>

So if you are already part of my team or our community and didn’t see the new High Ticket Academy product go and log into your EN back office and get it NOW at the MASSIVELY discounted launch price while you still can…

…and if you don’t already own all the products make it an intent to do so as soon as you can.

Then once you meet ALL the Team Promotion Criteria just let me know by emailing at: cristinam (AT) as it will be first in first serve once I start the hangouts and/or live calls in Mid February, 2014.

If you haven’t joined us yet click here to watch our Empower Network Overview Video (this baby has made me a fortune so I shudder to think what the new one coming is going to do for everyone including YOU)…

…and then to get all the extras we offer as part of the Prosperity Team as well Click Here To Join Me

Remember I’ve given you plenty of time to be able to qualify to have me personally work for YOU and again it doesn’t matter whether you have joined us today or you are reading this and it’s May 2014, this will run for ALL of 2014.

Here’s to making 2014, the best, most transformational and MAGICAL year of your life too. :-)

Can’t wait to hear when you are ready to have your hangout or call with me booked!

Cristina Munoz
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“AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur”
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Australian Empower Network Review: What Is The Future Of The Empower Network?

Australian Empower Network Review For 2014…

What Is The Future Of The Empower Network?

Cristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and if you are currently
doing your research on the Empower Network and looking for Empower Network reviews…

…now that we have entered a New Year it’s perfectly normal to want to know what the Empower Network has planned for it’s customers and affiliates for 2014.

The video above is a replay with Co-Founder David Wood and Empower Network’s NEW CEO Jonathan Cronstedt all about the Future of the Empower Network.

It an unscripted and raw replay of the live webinar held for members sharing the“The master plan” for 2014

If you are in the Empower Network or considering locking arms with us it’s a must watch so you know what’s in store for you in 2014.

For example a NEW product is coming and on January 9th at 9.00pm EST a special LIVE webinar will be held with ALL about it so if you haven’t done so yet get onto my list here and stay tuned for the details.

To give you an insider view, I actually got a chance to meet and have a quick chat with our new CEO Jonathan Cronstedt while in Orlando, Florida at one of our Leaders Dinners David Sharpe shouted for all the speakers at the Event.

What struck me most about Jonathan was how he made the time to literally go to every table and speak to every single leader there including myself!

I can tell you right now the Empower Network know how to take care of their Leaders and here’s a bit of a happy snap from one of the dinners we had for you:-
empower network leaders dinner
Seriously, we were just wined and dined the whole time and had an absolute blast.

I know when you do a search online really for any company you are always going to find those posts calling whatever company a scam or rip off or what have you and sadly that’s no different if you do a search online for Empower Network scam.

There is always going to be haters, people who for whatever the reason feel when they see a company become successful, and see countless members lives change for the better want to drag it down!

Sometimes it’s posts from people who have never been an affiliate let alone owned any of our products so how they can claim to give an honest review about the Empower Network when they are on the outside and have no idea what they are talking about is beyond me!

Sometimes it’s even from ex affiliates, and if you dig deeper you will find they never owned ALL the products, never attended an Event, and never really did what the successful affiliates teach to do at all.

This saddens me no end as if I had of when I was first doing my research in the Empower Network myself listened to those haters myself I never would have gone from 0 to over $380K my first 19 months with the Empower Network.

In fact I remember not long after I had joined people emailing me telling me to quit as it will never last blah blah blah.

If I had of listened I would have lost my house instead of having paid of my mortgage last year.

I would still be struggling to support my family because I have damaged discs and a damaged Sciatic Nerve so with with and manage Chronic Back Pain.

After two years of being housebound I certainly never would have had the opportunity to be able to get a procedure done that then made it possible for me to actually travel and certainly never would have been able to afford to fly business class from Australia to attend any of the Empower Network Events including the one we had in Orlando, Florida.

My whole LIFE has changed for the better thanks to the Empower Network opportunity and with what is coming in 2014 it makes me feel so good and so secure in the knowledge that I’m part of something REAL, that is here for the LONG HAUL that I can call home for many years to come.

It’s true not everyone that joins the Empower Network makes money.

Some make NO money at all.

This is the case with ANY opportunity as not everyone is willing to do the work.

Not everyone is willing to treat their business like a business or actually implement what we teach within our training and our products.

Not everyone is willing to invest in their personal development and growth.

Not everyone will give their business or themselves the time it needs to bear fruit either.

I shared my earnings thus far with you because I want you to see what is possible for you no matter where in the world you live as if I can earn what I have managing Chronic Pain from Australia just imagine what you can do?

Frankly we have affiliates that make way more than me however again you may make nothing at all so it’s important that you take the time to check our our disclaimer and see exactly what our affiliates on average earn with us by clicking here.

The fact the Empower Network goes out of their way to share what their affiliates earn in real time is unique and ALONE screams how genuine and real this opportunity is, so when considering joining any opportunity if the Company won’t show you in real time what their members earn that is a major Red Flag.

Thankfully I learned a LONG time ago that if I wanted to do something to ONLY listen to people who were successful doing it.

Think about it would you take advice on how to be successful in real estate from someone who owns no property at all?

Of course not, and it’s no different when considering starting a home business with any Company.

If ONE person is succeeding then it means you can.

The fact we have literally a football field of success stories with literally 95% of affiliates making money with Empower is amazing and an unheard of in the Industry and now it’s only going to get even easier and faster for affiliates to achieve success.

Yes, the future of the Empower Network in 2014 is bright indeed.

And I for one am forever grateful I took the time to watch this video and NOT listen to the nay sayers and instead  then got started right here.

It’s not only been the best business decision of my life it’s also been one of the best personal decisions I have ever made as well.

So if you are looking for a home and you ARE willing to treat your business like a business and follow what we will teach you then it will be a joy to work with you.

Get started with me here.

Happy New Year,
Cristina Munoz
empower network in melbourne
“AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur”
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New Year’s Resolutions 2014 – How To Change Your Life And Get Out Of Survival Mode

New Year’s Resolutions 2014 – How To Change Your Life In 2014
And Get Out Of Survival Mode In 2014 Too!

empower network in melbourneCristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur again and with the New Year on it’s way it’s time to start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions 2014.

For me setting New Year’s Resolutions 2014 is all about figuring out what you want to change in your life in 2014.

I know that’s not always easy, especially if you are currently in survival mode.

When every day is about making sure you pay the bills, pay the rent or mortgage, commute to a job you may not like, work with boss you may not get along with, maybe even deal with difficult personal and work related relationships and so much more.

If you’re main concern is financial then it’s tough to change any other area of your life until you have your money worries dealt with first.

I get it as I’ve been there.

I know how horrible it feels and how hopeless it can seem too.

With 2014 around the corner I can’t help back think back to the last time I was in survival mode through out ALL of 2011 and the first part of 2012.

In fact by February 2012 life had gotten so tough my sense of humour which normally would get me through all sorts of challenging situations completely alluded me.

All I felt at the time was pain.


24/7 nerve pain and had no choice other than to get through the day through a drug induced fog.

For many years I believed my back would never effect my ability to earn an income from home and support my family as I’ve lived with Chronic pain since June 2000.

Lost my job at the time over it, ended up on sickness benefits which was what inspired me to get online to find a way to work from home in the first place back in August, 2001.

I was wrong.

After I damaged my lower discs further and also damaged my Sciatic Nerve back in January 2011 no matter what I did I couldn’t support my family properly any more.

In the past I only took drugs when I was in acute pain as most of the time I would get relief lying down however that all ended after I damaged my sciatic nerve.

The pain was constant and the only real relief I got was when I would get a morphine injection on average once or twice a month.

By February 2012 our credit cards were almost maxed out and our savings were almost all gone too.

It was like everything in my life had turned on me to attack me from ALL sides.

I felt like I was trapped in a washing machine, going round and round getting more bruised and battered with every passing day.

I was so riddled with guilt and shame over what happened to me in January 2011 by February 2012 I started to believe my family would be far better off without me.

At the time I could see no way out.

All I could see was years of pain ahead and it was hard enough dealing having ruined my own life I didn’t want my family to have to go through having to live with me the way I was any longer.

I was just a blob on mattresses all over the house.

Housebound and unable to sit or stand or walk for any extended amount of time.

I couldn’t play with my daughters.

I couldn’t take them to the park or even go for a walk.

It was a challenge to get the toilet and back and even have a quick shower.

On really bad days I couldn’t even sit down for dinner.

Worst of all I couldn’t think properly because of all the drugs I had to take to manage the pain.

It was like being under water, like drowning without actually drowning!

If you are in survival mode now, or in a very dark and bleak stage of your life what helped me take the first tentative steps to getting out of survival mode was finding a way to get back ‘hope‘.

To start believing again that there is a way out.

How I found hope again was by attaching meaning to a wild Kookaburra coming to visit me a few times over that period.

As we end 2013 I’m not in survival mode any more.

Thankfully I haven’t been in survival mode for a very long time now…

…however absolutely there are things I want to change in my life in 2014 as the more I grow as a person, the better parent, partner, friend and leader I will become as a result as well.

Recently I got the ball rolling by started seeing someone, let’s call her B once a week to deal with some past childhood trauma I’ve never really faced and instead have spent most of my life pushing it back or running away from or avoiding as much as I could.

Finally facing and dealing with this ‘trauma’ once and for all is one of the main things I want to change in my life in 2014.

B and I are in the ‘getting to know you’ stage and while we were talking she said, ”You never give up do you?”.

And I said, ‘Oh no, I almost did give up!”

After I told B about that time back in February 2012 when I almost gave up completely on life she said to me that I could have ignored the Kookaburra visiting me those times.

I could have not seen anything special about it and not given it any meaning at all and simply remained in a state of total despair and possibly followed through and overdosed on Oxycontin.

Instead I took it as a sign that things will get better.

Instead I allowed it to give me back hope.

You can choose to do the same.

For you it may not be a bird, it could be a song you hear, a book you read, a person you meet who says something that opens your mind, an audio you listen to, it could even be my words which help you see that there is always hope no matter how dark things maybe for you now.

Hope for you right now.

It’s okay to get back hope from an outside resource.

I think this is one of the reasons why I love our Inner Circle product so much as it has literally saved lives and listening to audio every day has helped me as I went through the process of building my business and through the pain management process in more ways than words could ever express.

Once I got out of survival mode I was then able to focus on trying everything I could to find a way to end the pain too.

Yes it’s YOU that has to make the decision to change and YOU that has to do the work to make it happen however you can attach meaning to anything you want or not and remain as you are.

It’s up to you.

The Kookaburra was a sign of hope for me and why for the sake of my family I decided to NOT give up.

It was what got me deciding things had to change as continuing to do what I was doing simply was not working with what I had to live with.

So I wrote down what I could do with what I was living with and then set on a search to find it.

You can do the same right now.

You can write down what it is you want to change in your life in 2014.

Whether you are in survival mode or not literally write down a check list of what you want based on what you can do right now not what you can’t do.

Then go and find it.

The simple act of writing it down will help you instantly recognise when you have found it rather than dismiss it.

I knew I had found what I was looking for when I first watched the Empower Network video back in late March, 2012. 

This is the video David Wood asked me to record after I typed my way to my first $33K my first 90 days with the Empower Network:-

(My results are NOT typical. Please click here to see our average earnings as we are very proud of the fact 95% of our affiliates do make money with us)

B when I explained that I could never have achieved the success I have achieved with the Empower Network with any other program told me that this was not so, that I could have chosen to ignore the Empower Network video when I first took the time to watch it. 

After all that was what I did for four months.

This is why I’m encouraging you to write down what you want so that when it appears you don’t dismiss it as that was a costly mistake on my part.

I had heard about the Empower Network not long after it first launched however I wrongly thought it was just another flavour of the month deal so never took the the time to watch the video or take it seriously at all.

I was still trying to get what I was doing online to work with no success.

I could have continued to not take it seriously and think it was not real.

Or I could have joined the Empower Network and not really have done anything with it at all.

Instead once again I instantly gave joining the Empower Network MEANING and because I believe I was meant to join the Empower Network I gave it my ALL from Day One. 

Even though my credit cards were almost maxed out, I then maxed them out totally by buying all the products on offer at the time.

I work my Empower business when I am in pain.

I worked it whilst under the influence of a cocktail of drugs.

I never allow doubt, fear or the challenges that fall in my path ever stop me as I believe with all my heart and my soul that I was MEANT to be part of the Empower Network.

I knew I had found a Company I could call my second home.

It was shocking to me to think that if I had not taken it seriously, if I had of just joined and dipped my toes in the water to see how it went or allowed the first tiny hurdle to stop me…

….how all the amazing things that have happened in my life since I joined may never have happened at all!

I would not be the #1 Australian Income Earner.

I would not be one of the Top 50 Empower Network Affiliates.

I would not be earning a multiple 6-figure income.

I would NEVER have been able to attend any Events let alone speak on stage in Denver or be asked to speak on stage for 30 minutes in Orlando.

I would NEVER have built the team I have so far from all parts of the globe who inspire me and give me so much purpose.

..and so much more.

If you are already with the Empower Network, part of my team or part of anothers or considering joining us then to give yourself the best chance of achieving the success you want with your business give it your ALL right now if you aren’t already doing so.

Choose to think the way I did and still do.

Attach MEANING to your business as that is part of how you can make the magic happen no matter what you are living with as I’ve proven.

If you are not with us yet or you are new currently just dipping your toes in and not really taking what you have found seriously yet just watch this video which will give you a real example of what we are all about and what our Events our like too:-

Yes this is a REAL as it gets so if you haven’t already done so you can join us here.

It could be YOU picking up a sexy check on stage next.

The people are picking up those checks are real people. I know what it feels like to have personally earned 3 of them so far and I’m no actor either. LOL

It could be YOU speaking and inspiring thousands on stage!

If of course that is something you want to do.  Empower won’t make you if that scares you like a big hairy huntsman spider on my bedroom roof scares me.

It could be YOU who totally transforms your life and inspires and helps others do the same as well.

Why not you?..

…as you are just as capable, as smart, as able to as anyone in that video including me to do so too.

It doesn’t matter what you do online, or offline life is going to throw you curve balls.

This means from time to time you are going to have to be able to cope and deal with disappointment or things just not going as you had planned.

It happens.

It happens to ALL of us from time to time.

Unless you have that commitment to yourself and what you want to achieve those curve balls can if you allow them to knock you off track.

Speaking of curve balls…

…since about August the Ketamine Infusion I had last December started to wear off.

Now it has well and truly worn off only this time I’m not taking any of the hard core drugs to manage the pain and it’s so unpredictable I never know how I’m going to be like from one day to the next.

One thing is for sure living with Chronic Pain is NEVER boring. LOL

I over did it over Christmas so currently back to working a few hours a day tops, and doing the best I can to manage the situation until I go into hospital again for another Ketamine Infusion for 7 days in late January.

As fate would have it I’m going into hospital on the 28th of Janaury and will get out on the 4th of February so this means I will have to miss the up coming Miami Event.

In fact the day I get out of hospital is the same day I would have arrived back home from the Event – the Universe/God or whatever you call it clearly does have a sense of humour.

How I feel about this happening could not be any more different than I felt about it when I had my first Ketamine Infusion last December.

The first time I had no idea if it would work.

In fact didn’t think it would work at all and just went in with the goal of having it get me off the Oxycontin.

It did work.

Not only did it help me get off the Oxycontin it enabled me to do rehab to learn to sit and stand and walk again and even meant that after 2 years of being housebound I was able to fly to the USA twice this year to attend the Denver Event and the Orlando Event.

I never expected to be able to attend any Events for years.

I could not be more grateful over being able to attend TWO this year and my goal is to work towards one day being able to attend ALL of them.

This time around I know the Ketamine Infusion will work and in fact there is a very good chance it will work for even longer.

This time around I won’t have to get off Oxycontin again and this time around I won’t have to do months of rehab either.

This time around I can just get it done, and then work towards being able to be fit enough to get to the next Event.

I know what it’s like to have to wait a whole YEAR to get fit enough to attend an Event, so missing Miami even though yes of course it’s disappointing is NOT the end of the world.

There will be more Events.

I accept the only way I’m going to be able to attend any Events again in the future is to get the Ketamine Infusion done and I’m happy to go into hospital every year for the rest of my life if that is what needs to happen.

B when I shared this with her during that same conversation pointed out to me that I could never had chosen to have a Ketamine Infusion done in the first place. 

She said, that I could of allowed my fear of it not working as nothing else I had tried had worked last year stop me from even doing it.

She told me that now I could feel devastated about having the pain back and being back at almost square one again after everything I’ve gone through and not feel any feelings of gratitude at all.

I said, “Well okay, yes it’s not my idea of a good time being back on a mattress most of the time again however I don’t feel that way because I believe things happen for a reason.”

And she replied back, ‘Not everyone believes things happen for a reason. Bad things happen and you could have stayed on sickness benefits when you first injured your back in 2001 and given up as that is what a lot of people would do. What you have done instead is unusual and remarkable. You have shown incredible resilience.

And this conversation with B got me thinking…

Could it be that part of how people are able to overcome adversity is they have the ability to attach meaning to an outside resource?

Could it be that part of how people are able to handle those disappointing curve balls life throws at us is because they believe things happen for a reason too?

Having pointed out for the first time that I could NOT have chosen to attach any meaning to the Kookaburra or to finding the Empower Network was a scary thought as if I had of done that I may not be typing these words to you right now!

Having pointed out for the first time that because I believe things happen for a reason could be why I’m not still barely surviving on sickness benefits was also a frightening thought as who knows where I would be now.

It’s unlikely I’d have children, be living where I do now and so much more would never have happened either.

I never thought anything I’ve overcome or any success I’ve ever achieved in any area of my life really had anything to do with me.

I’d certainly never call anything I’ve done unusual or remarkable.

Up until my conversation with B I thought everyone would have responded the same way in my shoes.

It seems not….

…when it comes to success we talk a lot about being able to accept personal responsibility.

Personal responsibility for our failures as well as our successes.

B pointed out to me that it seems to her that I have a ‘tyrant’ inside of me that is quick to accept personal responsibility for anything that goes wrong in my life…

…however with any success or any achievement or overcoming those curve balls I tend to wave it away as being due to whatever outside resource…

…that I don’t accept full responsibility for the ‘successes’ in my life.

You know what it feels like when someone reveals a truth about yourself you never were conscious of, let alone able to bring out in the open or accept?

It’s unsettling.

It’s challenging…

…however when you hear the truth it’s like your soul stands up inside you and tells you, “Yes, it’s true!” and we just have to be willing to listen.

B is right.

One of my change my life goals in 2014 is to get rid of this tyrant inside of me once and for all.

And while I go through this process of opening Pandora’s Box I’m so grateful that I do at least during difficult times tend to attach meaning to an outside resource to help give me back hope and make the changes I know I need to make.

I once heard it said that at the bottom of Pandora’s Box is HOPE!

I’m so grateful that I do believe in Destiny, that things do happen for a reason so that when those ‘bad things’ happen even if I have beaten myself up over them in the past, or those ‘curve balls’ get thrown at me I don’t let them knock me out of the game or have them destroying me.

If you want to get out of survival mode in 2014 allow yourself to attach meaning to something outside you to help you do what needs to be done to get through it.

Once you are out of survival mode don’t be surprised if the next thing you need to deal with gets triggered because it’s finally a safe time for you to deal with it too.

If you want to get out of survival mode in 2014 start believing that things happen for a reason so you bring to your life a sense of purpose and are open to what is out there than can help inspire you to change too.

Once you have survival mode out of the way, then YOU can start with professional help opening and dealing with your Pandora’s Box too.

I don’t know if it’s just me however I feel 2014 is going to be a very important and significant year for so many.

So yes, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to change your life in 2014.

It’s time to start thinking about where you want to be and who you want to be a year from now, NOW.

If you had to pick ONE thing, what is it that you most want to do, or change in your life right NOW? 

Whatever it is I wish you hope.

I wish you strength.

I wish you great resilience.

I wish you the ability to find within you everything you need to make 2014 everything you want it to be and then some too.

Most of all when those curve balls get thrown at you I wish YOU the ability to not let them strike you out and instead hit that curve ball right out of the ball park and get a home run.

I appreciate you for taking the time to read this post.

Happy New Year.

Here’s to you staking your claim in 2014 and beyond. :-)

Cristina Munoz

“AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur”
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