What’s The True Meaning Of a Real Lifestyle Business?

ipas2220kcristinamunozfullCristina Munoz back again and after having a bit of a set back with my back this past week I’ve been thinking a lot about what the true meaning of a REAL Lifestyle business could mean.

So what’s a “lifestyle” business anyway?

Is it some sort of online business you run that allows you to live on the beach, drinking out of coconuts until sunset every night?

Or is it something more realistic than that for you?

For me, it means using intelligent systems to do for me what I normally would have to do myself to run my online business properly so that my income is not dependant to my every move.

Sounds like science fiction well as you will see it’s not.

It’s real as real as real can get.

If you know me you know I have a dodgy back and live with chronic pain, however if you don’t know me click here to watch the first video which is speech I gave about never giving up and always having hope which will fill in the blanks for you.

Now when you live with chronic pain every day is different.

Some days I can work for a few hours, other days for just an hour and some days if I over do the sitting not at all.

For example I’m currently recovering from having an L4/5 Spinal Fusion surgery I had done in late July.

In the past when I couldn’t sit I would work on my tummy like I shared on my speech, however since I need the fusion to set properly this time around I have to wait a full year before I can work on my tummy again those times sitting is an issue.

Well, last Tuesday I was feeling so good I couldn’t help myself and totally sat for way longer than I should of.

Seriously, I must have sat with of course getting up every 30 minutes for almost four hours!..a bit of a record since surgery. <laughing>

That same morning I saw my Doctor for a follow up and since I was doing so well we decided to reduce my pain medication and unfortunately with arriving back home and over doing it and less pain management the pain got away with me big time and I couldn’t do much of anything at all for the past week.

Yet NONE of this mattered because I already had my campaigns running.

You see when you use intelligent systems and can set up campaigns like I do you can have the work done FOR you, rather than you having to manage every single step yourself.

This gives you true flexibility where you can use the time during the day to be with your family and children when they come home from school…

…or sit on a beach sipping from a coconut as you watch the sunset if you want too.

Or if you live with Chronic Pain those times you over do it and are out of action it’s no big deal at all as your back (pardon the pun) is covered.

This morning for example, I had a few really nice sales totalling $2,487.80 in commissions all happening automatically without any of my personal input even while I was asleep!

Here’s the screen shot I took of my email account earlier for you so you can see what I mean…

ipas 2 october 15th commissions while sleeping(Understand my results are not average as I’m not average so please click here to see our disclaimer and if you are not average keep reading…)

…yep having sales come in like that even without your input is really cool however that’s not the best part.

What’s the best part?

The best part in my opinion is knowing that if you’re brand new, and don’t have the extra time or years and years available to learn ALL the skills required to set up a sales producing product range…

…yet you still want ALL the benefits of getting to use an intelligent, well-oiled, PROVEN marketing machine working for YOU!

You can have that, and more by using the same simple, yet super intelligent systems I use to produce results even when I’m not present myself.

I mean the Empower Network alone used to give me passive results, however now that I have my Empower Network business connected with iPAS 2 it’s like a marriage made in heaven!

And it’s not just me, look what happened to Jeff, who had ZERO experience marketing which means he can go out an do more fishing!


Yes, a TRUE, lifestyle business can be yours, and all you have to do is Click Here to get your
“done-for-you” online business model working for you by this afternoon.

You’ve got nothing to lose.

Watch the video and then take the NO RISK trial and you’ll be shown step by step what to do to have yourself all set up and ready to rumble.

Click here to watch the video and take the trial today and I’ll see YOU on the inside soon,


How Is iPAS 2 Converting?

ipas2spacebannerCristina Munoz back again with an update on how our new iPAS 2 System is converting for you.

If you missed it I’ve got a personal update on what I think of the new iPAS 2 system and how it’s been converting for me with only 45 minutes a day which I posted on my blog the other day right here.

In regards to how iPAS 2 is converting for others using it here’s what Chris Jones shared with us overnight:-

“Over 700 people decided to try out the new iPAS 2 system just yesterday, and our members are seeing crazy results.

People who have never had success before online are finally making sales and building their residual income..

Season pros are saying this is by far the best system they’ve ever used…

Our coaches are closing high ticket sales for people on autopilot..

It’s working like a well oiled machine and it’s only going to get better…”

What’s exciting to me is that anyone right now who is serious about making money online has the chance to be part of it at the very beginning, and to then use iPAS 2 to build a rock solid business that can keep paying you for years to come.

Click Here To Watch The iPAS 2 Video And Take The Trial Today.

The blog post I wrote the other day you can access by clicking here, will also give you some tips on what you can expect once you have signed up for your No Risk Trial. 

If you aren’t using iPAS 2 yet, whether you are active or not active any more with the Empower Network at the very least take the No Risk Trial as you have nothing to lose at all, and you can then after going through the 5 Success Formula steps truly make an informed decision.

You may discover after you have taken the 5 Success Formula steps that you GET IT and could very well feel that iPAS 2 is the system that you have dreamed of being able to use, and for your team to be able to use to create the success you all deserve, easier and faster than ever before.

Click Here To Watch The iPAS 2 Video And Take The Trial Today.

Once you go through the Success Formula 5 Steps and complete the Set Up Wizard Steps (or you can have the set up all done for you) then that’s when you can really start to have some fun.

Your next step then is to access the Fast Start Training which will show you how to get results FAST and share your results with the rest of our community on our Private FB Group and much more.

By the time you are ready to put the Fast Start training into action you will understand why inactive Empower Network Members are waking up, and racing to get iPAS 2 and then reactivating their Empower Network memberships as they go through the iPAS 2 set up wizard steps to get all set up again as if they had just joined the Empower Network for the very first time.

I earned this BIG sexy check with the Empower Network in main part thanks to iPAS 1…
(my results are not typical so please see average earnings here however if you are not average then go ahead and take the trial now here)

…however something tells me that a year from now that number will catapult thanks to iPAS 2 making it truly possible for first timers online as well as seasoned pros to get Top Producer results too!

Click Here To Watch The iPAS 2 Video And Take The Trial Today.

Then remember, once inside your iPAS 2 back office as you go through the steps it will be happening to you , so as you go through those steps yourself, be obedient to the system, don’t miss anything as each video in each step covers everything you need to know and exactly what you need to do…

…and as you do so imagine in the back of your mind what it will be like when it starts happening for YOU?

When YOU start having 1, 2, 3, 4 or even more people taking the trial a day with you!

Yes POWERFUL stuff…

…because if you make it a goal to simply have ONE person taking the trial a day and ONLY focus on that ONE goal and task which is all you have to do as everything else, literally all the other Top Producer tasks is taken care of for you on the back end thanks to iPAS 2…

it will change your life.

And it all starts by taking the first step and taking the trial yourself by Clicking Here.

I can’t wait to welcome you to iPAS 2 and to hear how iPAS 2 is converting for you soon too.

How To Make Money Online With Only 45 Minutes A Day

ipas2bannerforwordpressCristina Munoz back again and I know the very idea that you can make money online with only 45 minutes a day is kind of silly.

What if it wasn’t silly?…what if it was true?

I’ve been recovering from having an L4/5 fusion surgery just over 6 weeks ago, and since last weekend I’ve been able to sit to work for only 45 minutes a day.

Earlier in the week I used those 45 minutes a day to go through the iPAS 2 5 Step Success Formula and then follow the Set Up Wizard steps to set up my new iPAS 2 system.

All up it only took a few hours and I was delighted to see how you can even request to have all of the set up of your new system set up for you if you prefer.

I decided to do it myself as I wanted to see what my new members would experience and not only did I learn heaps I found the whole set up experience simple and even fun!

No doubt you’ve already heard about iPAS 2 however if you haven’t checked it out yet click here to watch the video and take the trial for yourself now.

As I shared yesterday you’ll then understand why it’s being called the World First Online Franchise and what strikes me most about it is how it enables you business wise to focus on just ONE activity which is simply giving people the opportunity to take the trial.

That’s it!..

…all the other tasks we need to usually do to become Top Producers is covered for you on the back end.

This means EVEN with only 45 minutes a day you can still get results and most of all you can sleep well knowing those that join you will get all the help and support they need as you have the opportunity to activate a success coach to be available to help your new members one on one whenever they need it for their first 90 days.

After I activated my success coach to help my new members get going yesterday I spent my 45 minutes posting my first blog post about iPAS 2, sending an email to my subscribers, ordering some traffic that will start in a week or so and BOOM this is my first iPAS 2 day results:-

ipas 2 first day results

Welcome to iPAS 2 Marg, Sam, Jeffrey and Anne <big, warm smile>

Once you take the trial focus on completing the Success Formula 5 steps in order as you literally cannot complete Step 2 until you have done Step 1.

If you are a Seasoned Pro imagine what a system like that can do for real duplication within YOUR team?

Yes it literally walks people through what to do step by step so no one is left behind, gets confused or misses any crucial step.

Speaking of steps once you have completed the Success Formula 5 Steps then you will be take to complete the Set Up Wizard Steps and once you have done those bang you are ready for business and will be taken to the Fast Start Training on how to at the very least get 1 Trial Member a day!

Just one trial member a day for 30 days will result in a $750 monthly residual income for you so this is the first goal which is achievable for anyone totally brand new.

Best of all at any stage if you need any help along the way you can online chat with the fabulous Success Coach I have assigned for you those times I am not online and/or schedule an appointment to have a call.

Plus as I continue to get better and can sit for longer of course I will do more again however it’s pretty cool to know you can still get results and your new members are still being looked after with only 45 minutes work on your part.

Yes with iPAS 2 all anyone has to do is focus on sending as many people as we can to take the NO Risk trial…

Click Here To Take The iPAS 2 Trial Now.

…and then ALL the telling, selling, explaining and then training is covered for you.

First as you go through the system it will be happening to you however as you go through the system imagine what it will be like when it starts happening for YOU?

When YOU start having 1, 2, 3, 4 people taking the trial every single day, and you start getting these email notifications, and you start seeing the magic happen, and all you are focused on is sending people to your link to take the trial too?

Of course the how to drive traffic so as many people as you want take the trial is all covered for you as well, you will be trained on how to do it for free and how to pay to get traffic done for you as well.

Yes iPAS 2 is the kind of system that is perfect for a newbie and perfect for the seasoned pro.

Though don’t take my word for it, click here to take the trial and then follow the Success Formula 5 steps and see for yourself.

Over four years in the making and well worth the wait as you will see.

Here’s to you making the most of even only 45 minutes a day too.  <big, warm smile>

The World First ALL-IN-ONE Online Franchise iPAS 2 Is LIVE…(Go Go Go!)

ipas2spacebannerCristina Munoz back again and the timing couldn’t be better.

It’s been six weeks since I went into hospital to have a L4/5 spinal fusion and I’m delighted to say the surgery was a success.

While I was recovering, behind the scenes the final touches of our iPAS 2 was being made.

So I’m now delighted to announce that finally, after MONTHS of waiting our brand spanking NEW iPAS 2 which is being called The World First ALL-IN-ONE online franchise is waiting for YOU!

Click Here To Get It RIGHT NOW — go Go GO!

…watch the video and then expect to be completely BLOWN AWAY.

No wonder past and present Empower Network affiliates and really any one who is serious about making money online is jumping on this like no ones business. <laughing>

If you are already part of the Empower Network you can use iPAS 2 as well.

The last couple of days over 5000 people have watch the video and taken the NO RISK trial.

Click Here To Take The NO RISK Trial Today

Here’s a quick overview of what you’re getting…

–> 3 Built-in Income Streams
(high converting and high commission)

–> Multiple Done For You Sales Funnels
(fully optimized so you don’t have to worry about conversions and figuring things out)

–> Done For You Traffic
(the best of the best at your service)

–> Done For You Email Follow Up
(professionally written campaigns for you)

–> Done For You New Member Coaching
(salaried business coaching working for you!)

–> Profit and Sales Funnel Calculator
(first of it’s kind – know HOW to get the income you want)

(know exactly where you’re sales are coming from)

–> A new $10,000 Affiliate Contest
(time to step up!)

And much, much more…

–> Click Here & Claim Your Success Now

You can now be a part of a SHIFT in the way home business’ are being started worldwide.

Bridging the age-old gap between High-Tech and High-Touch has kept normal, everyday people struggling, frustrated and banging their heads against wall after wall…

… Only to be left looking for something new.

Finally we’ve created something that works.

And it’s ready for you to finally break free from the “home business hamster wheel” and…

…be one of the FIRST movers on what’s been dubbed the The “McDonald’s of the Internet”

--> Click Here & Claim Your System Now

We’ve created something that WORKS for you.

So you don’t have to be a rocket scientist just to get started, take action and reach your goals!

It’s time for YOU to Act Quickly, Right NOW!

I’ll see you on the inside :-)

How To Overcome Fear Including 10 Steps To Help You Overcome Fear

ipas2bannerforwordpressCristina Munoz back again and I think it’s interesting how some of the most powerful emotions we can feel, literally forces on the planet at least in English consist of only 4 little letters like…


When it comes to love when you feel that gorgeous emotion delight in it, and feel it as much as you can as it is all good and helps counter balance hate.

We ALL don’t mind feeling love as it’s pleasurable unlike for example Fear.

I wonder sometimes how many great books have not been written, albums left incomplete, poetry never begun, relationships never started, children not been born, words left unsaid, life changing surgeries avoided, useful products left uncreated and visionary companies never launched or closed down before ever really getting started…

…ALL due to Fear.

It sucks doesn’t it?
It’s sad isn’t it?

Being in the home based industry myself I can’t help thinking of ALL those people who get started yet never, ever do really what it takes for as long as it takes all due to fear too.

I remember David Wood saying on an inner circle audio how who succeeds in your team and who doesn’t is totally outside of your control.

This is so true, and as a leader whose been building teams for over 14 years online one of the most difficult truths to emotionally come to terms with and accept.

That’s because every leader wants everyone in their team to succeed.

We would love to magically snap our fingers and have boom everyone in our teams making over $100K a year however that’s not how it works.

It’s up to the individual.

I can’t help but wonder if those that do succeed do so because they have had more practice identifying fear when the feel it, and possess the courage to then take the step required to overcome that fear or self doubt over and over again?

It doesn’t matter what decent company you are with, if you want to get more than average results, then you need to be willing to do, and become what the 3% top income earners in our industry like myself have been willing to do and become.

Here’s  social proof:-

Empower network australian check

Empower network IPAs details

If you want to earn a check like mine above then like me you need to be willing to be dedicated, to work hard, develop the communication skills, leadership skills, accept personal responsibility, and pretty much everything stated in any decent company disclaimer like mine here with the Empower Network.

That means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable…

…and having the courage to face and overcome your fears as they pop up too.

Any decent company will tell you clearly what you need to do to be successful.

It saddens me that so many beginning their journeys who say they want to earn the big money…

…then choose to ignore the training and advice of those achieving the top 3% results!

Those that have failed in the past often want a ‘guarantee’ even though there are no guarantees and others choose instead ‘to first see how it goes’ as if it’s the company that has to prove itself to them and not the other way around.

That sort of thinking is fear based thinking and that sort of thinking ends badly.

If you’ve started a home based business or thinking of doing so if you want results then you need to be willing to take your business seriously and treat it like a business from day one.

Dipping your toes in the water is for someone about to jump into a pool not for some one wanting to build a successful online business.

You’ve got to be willing to have an ALL IN mentally…

…and that of course is scary, as it will mean doing things again that make you feel uncomfortable.

When they say you fail your way to success it’s true, so you do need to get very comfortable with making mistakes, and failing all the time and the key there is to learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do it again the next day a little wiser.

Now let me just say the truth which is not everyone is suited to our Industry.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

And that’s okay in that situation better you figure it out fast and instead do something else to make a living that does suit you…

…however if you got started in our industry because you have always wanted to run your own business…

…because you’ve never liked having a Boss and you would rather work hard for yourself than for someone else, and you have a genuine desire to inspire others to live and share their own personal truths and beliefs and have the money to do so…

…then there is no reason why you can’t be as successful as you can imagine you can be!

The great thing is learning how to overcome fear helps you in every part of your life.

For example tomorrow I will be going into hospital to have a L4/5 fusion surgery as I prolapsed my L4/5 discs for the third time on March 18th.

Since that day the protrusion on my nerve has left me bedridden, living with acute pain and I could have chosen the fair easier option of having a Discectomy instead, however that would only be a band aid approach as those discs would prolapse again.

Of course I’m scared of having a 5 hour surgery tomorrow where bolts and rods and cages like scaffolding is going to be put into my back and there is no gaurantee it will definitely work however no risk, no reward.

At least with a home business YOU are in control, your fate does not lie on the skills of a surgeon, your fate lies in your hands so it’s you who can decide or not whether you want to be one of the 3% or not.

So to help you conquer fear when it shows itself time and time again…

…whether you have just begun your journey or not here’s are 10 Tips To Overcoming Fear…

10 steps on how to overcome fear

…as yes Fear will be your only competitor.

Please like and share to help others overcome any fear they are facing in their life or business too.