How To Overcome Fear Including 10 Steps To Help You Overcome Fear

How to become a top producerCristina Munoz back again and I think it’s interesting how some of the most powerful emotions we can feel, literally forces on the planet at least in English consist of only 4 little letters like…


When it comes to love when you feel that gorgeous emotion delight in it, and feel it as much as you can as it is all good and helps counter balance hate.

We ALL don’t mind feeling love as it’s pleasurable unlike for example Fear.

I wonder sometimes how many great books have not been written, albums left incomplete, poetry never begun, relationships never started, children not been born, words left unsaid, life changing surgeries avoided, useful products left uncreated and visionary companies never launched or closed down before ever really getting started…

…ALL due to Fear.

It sucks doesn’t it?
It’s sad isn’t it?

Being in the home based industry myself I can’t help thinking of ALL those people who get started yet never, ever do really what it takes for as long as it takes all due to fear too.

I remember David Wood saying on an inner circle audio how who succeeds in your team and who doesn’t is totally outside of your control.

This is so true, and as a leader whose been building teams for over 14 years online one of the most difficult truths to emotionally come to terms with and accept.

That’s because every leader wants everyone in their team to succeed.

We would love to magically snap our fingers and have boom everyone in our teams making over $100K a year however that’s not how it works.

It’s up to the individual.

I can’t help but wonder if those that do succeed do so because they have had more practice identifying fear when the feel it, and possess the courage to then take the step required to overcome that fear or self doubt over and over again?

It doesn’t matter what decent company you are with, if you want to get more than average results, then you need to be willing to do, and become what the 3% top income earners in our industry like myself have been willing to do and become.

Here’s  social proof:-

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Empower network IPAs details

If you want to earn a check like mine above then like me you need to be willing to be dedicated, to work hard, develop the communication skills, leadership skills, accept personal responsibility, and pretty much everything stated in any decent company disclaimer like mine here with the Empower Network.

That means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable…

…and having the courage to face and overcome your fears as they pop up too.

Any decent company will tell you clearly what you need to do to be successful.

How to recruit more people fast

It saddens me that so many beginning their journeys who say they want to earn the big money…

…then choose to ignore the training and advice of those achieving the top 3% results!

Those that have failed in the past often want a ‘guarantee’ even though there are no guarantees and others choose instead ‘to first see how it goes’ as if it’s the company that has to prove itself to them and not the other way around.

That sort of thinking is fear based thinking and that sort of thinking ends badly.

If you’ve started a home based business or thinking of doing so if you want results then you need to be willing to take your business seriously and treat it like a business from day one.

Dipping your toes in the water is for someone about to jump into a pool not for some one wanting to build a successful online business.

You’ve got to be willing to have an ALL IN mentally…

…and that of course is scary, as it will mean doing things again that make you feel uncomfortable.

When they say you fail your way to success it’s true, so you do need to get very comfortable with making mistakes, and failing all the time and the key there is to learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do it again the next day a little wiser.

Now let me just say the truth which is not everyone is suited to our Industry.

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

And that’s okay in that situation better you figure it out fast and instead do something else to make a living that does suit you…

…however if you got started in our industry because you have always wanted to run your own business…

…because you’ve never liked having a Boss and you would rather work hard for yourself than for someone else, and you have a genuine desire to inspire others to live and share their own personal truths and beliefs and have the money to do so…

…then there is no reason why you can’t be as successful as you can imagine you can be!

The great thing is learning how to overcome fear helps you in every part of your life.

For example tomorrow I will be going into hospital to have a L4/5 fusion surgery as I prolapsed my L4/5 discs for the third time on March 18th.

Since that day the protrusion on my nerve has left me bedridden, living with acute pain and I could have chosen the fair easier option of having a Discectomy instead, however that would only be a band aid approach as those discs would prolapse again.

Of course I’m scared of having a 5 hour surgery tomorrow where bolts and rods and cages like scaffolding is going to be put into my back and there is no gaurantee it will definitely work however no risk, no reward.

At least with a home business YOU are in control, your fate does not lie on the skills of a surgeon, your fate lies in your hands so it’s you who can decide or not whether you want to be one of the 3% or not.

So to help you conquer fear when it shows itself time and time again…

…whether you have just begun your journey or not here’s are 10 Tips To Overcoming Fear…

10 steps on how to overcome fear

…as yes Fear will be your only competitor.

Please like and share to help others overcome any fear they are facing in their life or business too.

The Short Gender Bending Film Break Free By Ruby Rose Is Going Viral FAST

Ruby rose break freeCristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and over here in Australia there is a young, gorgeous out lesbian who is also a talented Model, TV Presenter, DJ, Musician and Actress called Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose also does a lot of activist work , speaking in high schools across Australia to help educate teenagers against cyber bullying, homophobia as well as bringing awareness to depression.

Yes indeed Ruby Rose is ONE busy young woman.

Now Ruby Rose is the writer, producer starring in her own truly brilliant, brave gender bending short film called Break Free.

ruby rose djing in sydney
In fact I shared on my Facebook wall yesterday a quote by T.S. Eliot:-

“Do I DARE Disturb the Universe?”

And this short film is doing exactly that!

I could say more about what you are going to see however I don’t want to spoil the short film Break Free for you.

What I can tell you is the fact it was only uploaded to youtube a few days ago and it’s already had over 52,000 views so Break Free is going viral FAST!

See why for yourself by watching Break Free right here:-

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Show Ruby Rose some major support by helping her short film Break Free go viral even more by liking and sharing below.

Luv ya guts already for doing so!


Why You Can’t Help But Get Addicted To Nurse Jackie

Nurse jackie fan reviewEven though Season 6 of Nurse Jackie is under way I only started watching Nurse Jackie earlier this year after a friend told me I would love it and after I read a few Nurse Jackie Fan Reviews online.

You can’t help but get addicted to watching Nurse Jackie as Nurse Jackie is one of the best comedy dramas I have ever seen and I only wish each episode went for an hour not 30 minutes!

I got addicted by Nurse Jackie from the very first Episode in Season 1 when Jackie in the opening scene told the following joke:

What do you call a nurse with a bad back? Answer: Unemployed.

High and Mighty Nurse Jackie has a dodgy back and you soon discover to still be able to handle her nursing duties she takes ridiculous amounts of pain killers…

…and keeps her addition to pain killers a secret from her work mates and family.

I can’t imagine anyone other than Edie Falco playing our flawed heroine Jackie and she does so with great humour, sensitivity, intelligence and charm.

Nurse Jackie and I actually have a couple of things in common we both have dodgy backs and two daughters.

Life however isn’t what is on TV

In my case after I first seriously injured my lower back in June 2000 in a work related incident I ended up losing my job and a year later found myself trying to survive on sickness benefits.

It’s no fun being unemployable due to injury and all I knew then being only 34 years old was the fact I was NOT going to live on sickness benefits for the rest of my life,

Sometimes the worst things that happen to you can be the best thing that ever happens to you if you are willing to not give up.

I ended up finding a way to earn a living again from home thanks to the internet and thanks to working from home online I was able to get off sickness benefits back in 2003.

All I wanted to do in the beginning was replace what I earned in a job though since profits are better than wages I was able to achieve that goal my second year online.

I certainly wouldn’t have earned what I did last year….

Empower network check

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…in any job either!

It wasn’t easy as nothing worthwhile ever is however it was and now still is worth it as I also help people take back control of their lives by getting to blog about what they enjoy doing, or watching and much more too.

It’s also well worth watching Nurse Jackie as the rest of the cast is brilliant too.

Nurse jackie cast images

Wonderful, funny quirky fabulous characters that will get you caring about them.

Man it’s a challenge to write a Nurse Jackie fan review without spoilers!

Being serious now if you happen to live with a back injury or any sort of  injury that has made you unemployable and you are sincere and serious about taking back control of your life then click here to watch the video all about how I earn what I do by simply blogging about what I enjoy and am passionate about.

You may find like me you will revel in being unemployable so much so that if ever you could handle a job again no way would you ever want too.

If you have an opinion about Nurse Jackie go ahead and share your thoughts by leaving a comment below and/or like and share so Nurse Jackie gets more exposure and all the fans it so richly deserves.

Thank you.  Love your guts already. You ROCK!

Funny Social Media Platform Image Explanation

Funny Social Media Platform Image Explanation

cristina munoz the laughing entrepreneurCristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and I’m still laughing.

If you are looking for funny social media images or a funny social media platform explanations this way to explain the social media platforms was absolutely hilarious to me however it does have a serious side as well.

This is because it also breaks down what each social media platform is about in a very simple yet straight to the guts of it all way.

As you will see it’s easy to understand and makes total sense as to what each social media platform provides VALUE on.

It’s all about value after all. :-)

You can use this as a fun, cool resource to help you understand these different platforms, and how you can use them to MAXIMIZE your online presence.

ESPECIALLY if you have your own online business like I do. :-)

Kind of makes you feel like eating a donut! <laughing>

For more cool marketing tips and about building an online business, go ahead and connect me with on these two main social platforms:-

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I look forward to connecting with you. :-)

Golden Globe Awards 2014: Robin Wright Is In The HOUSE Winning Best Actress For House Of Cards

Best Actress In A Drama Series Golden Globe Award Goes To Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) From House Of Cards:-

Cristina Munoz AKA The Laughing Entrepreneur back again and yes indeed Robin Wright is in the HOUSE.

Robin Wright Golden Globe Awards 2014 winner is currently in her fabulous late 40′s.

Robin Wright won Best Actress for her compelling role as the wife of a corrupt US congressman Frank Underwood, also played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey, in the Netflix original series “House of Cards.”

Even though Robyn Wright has been acting for YEARS she has never won a Golden Globe before until now…

…and neither has NetFlix!

Her nomination for Best Actress for House Of Cards is her second nomination as she was previously nominated in 1995 for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her work in “Forrest Gump.”

I’ve been into Robin Wright ever since I saw her in The Princess Bride and I have to admit ONLY watched Santa Barbara for her back way back then in the early 90′s even 80′s as well. <laughing>

Just goes to show how never giving up and focusing on mastering your craft no matter what it may be can eventually pay off.

If you haven’t already, when you do start watching House Of Cards you are going to LOVE Claire Underwood as much as ‘sharks love blood’ too…

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…hence I could not be more delighted for Robin Wright for picking up the Golden Globe 2014 for Best actress in a TV Drama.

House of Cards would have to be some of the best TV I have seen in a very long time and the only reason why I started watching it in the first place is I’ve had to rest my back a lot while I wait to go back into hospital later this month.

A friend recommended my partner and I watch “House Of Cards” and I have to admit I’ve become totally addicted and savouring each ‘chapter’ until Season 2 starts in February.

This year Robin Wright did face very worthy competition from other talented actresses in what proved to be a great year for leading ladies in various television dramas.

The other nominees included Julianna Margulies for “The Good Wife,” Tatiana Maslany for “Orphan Black,” Taylor Schilling for “Orange is the New Black” and Kerry Washington for “Scandal.”

“Orphan Black’ is another favourite TV Drama Series I watched in 2013 so I was over the moon that Titiana Maslany was nominated a well as it can’t of been easy to play so many different versions of her cloned self. <laughing>

But this is NOT about Titiana Maslany…(Cosima was my favourite!)

…this is ALL about Robin Wright who in her speech thanked the crew, Netflix and Kevin Spacey, calling her fabulous co-star “the best playdate ever.”

If you wanna know how to start the best blog ever to blog about what you enjoy watching and doing click here.

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